About Great Dishes

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ST. MARYS STATION GALLERY is pleased to announce
The Canadian Premier of “GREAT DISHES”

Beautiful photographs of plated food by Jon Ogryzlo award-winning photographer
for The Ontario Table, a cook-book by Lynn Ogryzlo.

The St Marys Station Gallery would like to offer you a unique opportunity to participate in our latest exhibition “Great Dishes”. This one-of-a kind exhibition showcases the beauty of prepared food from across Ontario in a series of stunning gallery photographs. For many, the preparation and presentation of food represents one of the most sophisticated art forms, appealing not only to the five senses, but also the mysterious sixth sense, the sense of anticipation in the partaking of the dish.

As Jon Ogryzlo explains “…a great food picture must stimulate all our senses, leaving us longing to eat it. Food photos are sensual – they can evoke a fond memory, they can romance a meal, they can excite our gustatory longings. A good food photo must stimulate our sense of taste and smell. Gaze at a food photograph long enough and you can almost smell the aromas while it whets your palate with salivary juices. In food photography, pictures often take our expectations well beyond what the kitchen can produce. Simply put, food photographs are dreams of what could be…”

This exhibition presents over forty photographs of prepared dishes from the kitchen of Lynn Ogryzlo, the author of The Ontario Table. Both she and her husband travelled for two years, visiting every corner of the province of Ontario, researching the homegrown products from a province rich in history and cultural diversity.

The St. Marys Station Gallery invites you to become a sponsor of this beautiful exhibition which highlights the products of our local farmers. Each spectacular photograph will carry a label describing the content and the county in Ontario where the products were farmed. By contributing to this exhibition, you company’s name will be prominently displayed on all of our promotional materials, with a special invitation to the opening night event to meet and socialize with the author and photographer as well as guests form the community. In addition, your sponsorship will be acknowledged at each local venue or restaurant where these recipes and dishes will be served. Finally, your support will demonstrate your company’s commitment to advancing the art and culture of your community.

Thank you for your consideration of our offer, and your support of the artists and our local farmers and businesses.

Cameron Porteous, Reed Needles
Curators, St. Marys Station Gallery