As part of its mandate, the new St. Marys Station Gallery endeavours to “showcase those artists working in various media, whose creative insights, technical excellence and breadth of expression demonstrate a mastery of professional standards in artistic vision and technique.” In keeping with that objective, the Gallery is proud to announce our latest exhibit “The Magic In Clay” – a retrospective of the ceramics of Don Wells.

Don has spent over 40 years mastering the art of shaping and firing ceramics. His styles incorporate a wide range of influences – from the sinuous and colourful designs of the ancient Minoans to the striking geometrics of South West American native art. His imaginative and captivating works are both technically brilliant and infused with his own delightful sense of whimsy. He admits, I had a lot of fun exploring clay’s almost unlimited capabilities, although I must admit my restless mind never settled on any specific style – either in pottery or sculpture. The result is the relentless variety of shapes and ideas you see in this collection. Over 40 unique and astonishing pieces have been taken from Don’s private collection, highlighting his lifetime of work.

Now a native of St. Marys,  Don has previously exhibited nationally with some of his work being commissioned by the Government of Canada for official presentation. Whether your taste is for elegant tea sets, display plates, beautifully shaped and fired ornamental jugs, sculpture or figurines, Don’s collection encompasses them all. Some of these works are also for sale. To see more of Don’s collection on his website – CLICK HERE.

Don Wells’ official exhibit opens at 7pm on March 10, 2017 and runs until April 1. The artist will be on hand for the opening with plans for a demonstration workshop in shaping clay on a wheel on Saturday afternoons. As with every Gallery exhibit, admission is free.

Contacts: Reed Needles 519 671-5268 / Cameron Porteous 416 523-8899