Award Winning Food Photographer

Born and raised in Niagara, Jon picked up his first camera at 14 years of age and quickly learned how exciting it was to capture the beauty all around him from the Escarpment forests to the agricultural lands and vineyards around him. Always using natural light, Jon travelled the world expertly capturing the ‘sense of place’ through his lenses.

Soon after, Jon began photographing food for newspapers and magazines and about a decade later, collaborated with his wife Lynn, a renown food writer, on their first cookbook. Today Jon and Lynn have collaborated on three cookbooks, The Niagara Cooks cookbook series listed below have won several international awards including: Best Local Food Cookbook in Canada, Best Local Food Cookbook in the World (Paris, France), Cordon d’Or, Best Photography (Double Gold), Cordon d’Or, Best Cookbook (Double Gold) and Taste Canada Finalist.

Jon explains, “a great food picture must stimulate all our senses, leaving us longing to eat it.” Food photos are sensual, they can evoke a fond memory, they can romance a meal, they can excite our gustatory longings. A good food photo must stimulate our sense of taste and smell. Gaze at a food photograph long enough and you can almost smell the aromas while it whets your palate with salivary juices. In food photography, pictures often take our expectations well beyond what the kitchen can produce. Simply put, food photographs are dreams of what could be.

Niagara Cooks, from farm to table
Niagara Cooks, a seasonal attitude
The Ontario Table, the best food from around the province

Currently Jon is working with his wife on a fourth book.

Contacts: Reed Needles 519 671-5268 / Cameron Porteous 416 523-8899