Lisa’s life-time involvement with art includes a fascination with a number of influential ideas and genres – from the austere world of classical art to the whimsical approaches found in children’s illustration, and the detailed possibilities of modern photography. Self-taught, she has adhered to James Taylor’s maxim “Try not to try too hard”, avoiding the restrictions of outline and careful definition to find subjects and styles that are deliberately loose, free and spontaneous. The result is a captivating, genuine style, making the viewer see the world through a different pair of eyes.If the real purpose behind any art form is to effect a change in the audience’s understanding, then Lisa’a approach to simple subjects, and the myriad complexities which form that image, exemplifies this ideal.

She attributes her fascination with art to an early delight in Fruit Stripe gum and Crayola crayons – in their dazzling range of colours. Later inspirations included historical stained glass woks, the whimsical florals of Marc Chagall, Georgia O’Keefe’s startling photographs, the writings of SARL, the creations of the notes furniture painter Mackenzie-Childs, and the whole imaginative world of children’s illustrators – especially that of Silke Leffler and Etienne Delessert.

Her media range from graphite to acrylic and watercolour, all used to create subjects glowing with pigment and tone. “My style can be primitive or folksy, often playful, always intense and richly hued. I love natural shapes, interesting lines and growing things.”

Lisa begins a painting by laying down a simple framework of line, and then stepping back to determine what layers, textures or details need to be enhanced in order to bring the work to life. At other times, she creates a more detailed sketch to which she adds pigment quickly and freely. Some works are loose and representative, others more detailed and precise. All however, provoke and delight.

The results of her work are in front of you – a tapestry of colour and form found in the apparently everyday world of the market, kitchen and dinner-table.

“I am dedicated to capturing these images on paper, canvas and panel for you, so you can share the joy I feel when I am painting.”

We at the Station Studios and Gallery are indebted to Lisa for providing such an innovative perspective on the world around us to present it to you here. In the tumultuous world of 2017, hers is both an exciting and calming voice.