Design Is What The Eyes Hear

St. Marys Station Gallery shows intricate set models designed by scenographer Cameron Porteous

Cameron Porteous has been designing new worlds for more than fifty years.“I start with the black void of an empty theatre, and just start to build around it,” said Porteous, a scenographer and costume creator.

“I usually start drawing, sketching in three dimensions, using things like sugar cubes, anything you can find to fill the space. Once you discover the space, I might draw a plan.”

Now a St. Marys resident, Porteous works out of a studio at the Station Gallery designing theatre sets and painting. A collection of his intricate and miniature models of theatrical sets are on display at the Station Gallery in an exhibit that runs until June 3.

The models he designs – called maquettes – are full of incredible detail. There are the pots and pans hanging from the wall of a kitchen in a Fiddler on the Roof mode.

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cameron porteous at the st marys station gallery

A “ maquette” (little scene) for a production of Twelfth Night envisioned and created by Cameron Porteous, and currently on display at the Station Studios gallery in St. Marys. The two stacks of drawers, along with their contents, draw inspiration from the lives of the play’s two main characters.
– Stew Slater – Editor St. Marys Journal Argus

Studio Show Offers Rare Look At Behind-The-Scenes Master

On one extreme was a ton of sand brought onto the stage for each an every performance in a Vancouver theatre company’s production of the Roman version of the ancient play Oedipus Rex — with the only props being a pool of water and a small flame. According to Reed Needles of the Station Studios gallery in St. Marys, that innovation by the production’s designer led to a city ordnance banning the use of sand on stage ever again.

Through the middle of June, a retrospective of Porteous’s life’s work in Canadian theatre design is on display at the gallery, under the title “The Scenography of Cameron Porteous.”

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