Scott McKowen is an award-winning illustrator, graphic designer and art director. Born and raised in Michigan, he now lives in Stratford, Ontario, where he operates Punch & Judy Inc, a small design studio specializing in theatre posters and graphics for performing arts companies across North America.

Scott works in scratchboard – an engraving medium in which white lines are carved into an all-black surface with a sharp knife blade. (The board itself is white chalk covered with a layer of black ink — you scratch through the black into the white.) Popular in the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s for book and newspaper illustration, scratchboard evolved from the great engraving traditions — wood engraving dating back to the 15th-century, and steel engraving in the late 19th-century.

Scratchboard is a black-and-white medium, but many illustration assignments require final art in full color. This exhibition features a selection of original engravings, and examples of the finished colorized art as it appeared in print.

Contacts: Reed Needles 519 671-5268 / Cameron Porteous 416 523-8899